“The Lord will keep you from all harm. He will keep your soul. The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from now on and for ever” (Psalms 121:7, 8)

Today, many works continue in the reconstruction project of the Church of St. John of Damascus in Beit Sahour, with great effort and wishes of success and completion to complete this church on this holy land, despite all the difficult economic and political circumstances we are experiencing, but with the efforts of the sons of the Church who are jealous of it, no challenge will be difficult for us.

Among these works is the completion of the tiling work for the church hall, the continuation of the construction of the bell stone, the continuation of the work of an iron block to establish the new church offices, in addition to the work of plastering the bell jar from the inside.
Hence, we extend our thanks to all of you for what you have done, hoping that you will continue and contribute to the completion of this work of which we will all be proud.

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