liturgikonLiturgical Books:

  • Gospel Book: (Greek: Evangelion, meaning the joyful news), is placed on the altar.
  • Apostolos - Book of Epistles.
  • The Hieratikon (also spelled Ieratikon, also known as the Hierotelestikon and the Liturgikon; the "book of the priest," is the Book of Rites of the Church that contains the priest's prayers for Vespers, Orthros, and Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
  • The Typikon: is the "book of directions and rubrics, which regulate the order of the divine services for each day of the year."

The Liturgical Prayers Books are:

  • Octoechos ("book of the eight tones") refers to two books - The Great Octoechos (Parakletike, "book of supplication") which has all the hymns of the eight tones for every day of the week.
    -The Little Octoechos, a smaller version which contains only the materials for Sundays.
  • The Lenten Triodion ('book of the three odes') contains the hymns and prayers from the beginning of the pre-Lenten season (the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee, the 10th Sunday before Pascha) until Holy Saturday.
  • The Pentecostarion contains the hymns and prayers for the services of the Paschal season, i.e., from the Day of Pascha until the First Sunday after Pentecost, the Sunday of All Saints.
  • The Menaia ("books of the months") is the collection of twelve books (each a Menaion), one for each month of the calendar year, containing the hymns and prayers for the immovable feasts and the saints' days falling in that month.
  • Synaxariun: biographical lists of the saints arranged in the order of their feast days.
  • The Larger Great Horologion is the "Book of Hours," containing the fixed texts of the services of the Daily Cycle.
  • Great Euchologion contains the prayers of the priest, deacon, and reader for Vespers, Orthros, and the Divine Liturgy in addition to the six remaining sacraments, and other services of blessings.