A delegation of 12 youth and adult members of the congegation have participated at the International Orthodox Youth Conference in Romania, from the 1st to the 10th of September 2018.

Romania2018 1

The delgation was received with official welcoming from the Church of Romania, while the 1st 4-5 days were guided visits and tours to various churches, monestaries, and sites in Romania, including the city of Alba Iulia, which has a twinship with the town of Beit Sahour.

Conference opening was on the 6th of September, where the Beit Sahour delegation entered dressed in the Palestinian traditional national custom, holded the Palestinian flag and Jerusalem Patriarchate flag. Patriarch Daniel of Romaina, as well as the Romanian Prime Minister, governors, and various other political and religious figures attended the opening ceremony. The delegation have participated in the various activities of the conference, including youth public march, chants, discussion groups and workshops in various church-related themes.

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