The Arab Orthodox Club Scout Group held a ceremony to welcome the new Parish Council in Beit Sahur on Tuesday 18/7/2023 in the presence of the church's fathers, the mayor of Beit Sahur and the Orthodox institutions in the city at the Orthodox Church Hall, also the old Parish Council were honoured and thanked for their work.

The new council was formed from 10 people representing different families:

Mr. Elias Issa Awwad - President
Mr. Atallah Rimon Hayek - Vice President for two years, followed by Mr. Hanna Issa
Mr. Wissam Issa Bannoura - Secretary
Mr. Shukri Khalil Dakarat - Treasurer
Membership:  Nihad Elias Hawash, Jeries Rishmawi, Khader Ghattas Yateem, Sharif Gharib, Johnny Emil Hanouneh, Eleen Rantisi Qumsieh.

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