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Orthodox Churches and Sites


Orthodox Convent and Church of Transfiguration - Ramallah - Palestine

Jerusalem Patriarchate

Saint Nicholaos Orthodox Church - Marka - Jordan

Gullf Orthodox Church - Kuwait

Church of Qatar

Orthodox Christian Archdiocse of Mount Lebanon

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Aleppo - Syria

Our Lady of Balamand Patriarchal Monastery - Lebanon

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of Bosra Hauran & Jabal Al-Arab - Syria

Bishop George Khodr - Home

St Peter & Paul Church - Hazmieh - Lebanon

Greek Orthodox Parish of Anfeh - Lebanon

The Holy Monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine's Monastery - Egypt

Out Lady Monastery of Hamatoura - Syria

Saint George Orthodox Church - Flint, Michigan, USA