Spiritual Retreat for 3 days for 40 members of the Forefather Orthodox Church Teenagers group



From the 7th to the 9th of June 2017, 40 members of the Forefathers Orthodox Church – Beit Sahour – Teenagers group organized a Spiritual Retreat program in 1948 areas and Galilee.
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The program included guided visits, with prayers, hymns, illustrations, and explanations at various Churches and Monasteries in Lod (St. George Church and tomb), Jaffa (St. Michael Church in the old city), Caesarea, Nazareth (Annunciation Church), Capernaum (St. Paul and Peter), Tiberius (Disciples Church), Mount Tabor (Transfiguration Monastery and Church), Cana (Monastery and Church), and Akko (St. George old Church in old city). The visits included walking in various old biblical cities and explanation in advance about each.

This has developed the teenagers understanding of the Church history and legacy, and developed their commitment to the church with its belief, teachings, liturgy and social activities.

A service was help for the teenagers, with hymns and prayers and communion at the Tabor Mountain, and the teenagers and the experience of walking down the mountain. In Nazareth, the teenagers had pre-organized sessions and meetings with other Church group and teenagers, with whom they chatted in sub-groups, played ice-breaking activities and games, had prayers and hymns together, and started building friendships. Relationships were established with these groups’ members and their leaders, and they were invited to visit the Beit Sahour congregation and teenagers and youth groups in the near future.

Various workshops were organized for the participants, including one on how to make and how the priest prays and cuts the prosphora during the service and makes the communion. Another with verses from the bible and get the teenagers reflection from them, and discussing and presentation about various icons in sub-groups. On other sessions, competition games were organized form the teenagers in two groups with questions from the bible and Church history and liturgy.