The Orthodox congregation in Beit Sahour manages its own Church through a Parish council who are chosen every four years. The council’ member represents a clan/family of the congregation, in some conventional division agreement, and then approved by the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The members are secular representatives of the congregation entrusted with the supervision and management of the Church affairs and activities, including:

  • Management of the Church' endowments and financials.
  • The construction, development, maintenance and management of the Church' facilties.
  • Provision of Church-related services to its congregation.
  • Church prayers and activities' media, social media, publications and printed materials.
  • Outerrelationships and general representation of the congregation at all official and civil authorities and entities.
  • Supervising and administration of the Church' groups including: the Sunday School, Teenagers, Youth, Adults, Church staff and volunteers.